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Green Book Global Travel Review: West Hollywood/Los Angeles

I've been following @greenbookglobal on Instagram and reading travel reviews on their website from other Black travellers for a couple of years now. If you're not familiar with the website, they're the first Black travel review site dedicated to helping Black travellers "confidently explore the world by sharing travel tips and experiences from the Black perspective." Think of them as the modern day Green Book. Here's an excerpt from my a recent trip to West Hollywood/Los Angeles:

"I visited Los Angeles, California for one week in December 2021. This is what I considered a “last minute” trip because I didn't actually plan on travelling anywhere in 2021, but the way the holidays lined up with my remaining vacation days was rare and made for great timing that I just couldn't miss.

I decided to stay in West Hollywood aka Weho because I wasn't planning on renting a car (because I hate driving in LA) and I wanted to be in walking distance from my hotel to restaurants, shopping and must-see hotspots. Unfortunately, I didn't get to do much walking or go to a number of places that I had planned to visit because it rained. I've been to LA/Southern California many times and I was shocked! Tony! Toni! Toné! said, “It never rains in Southern California”! I'm here to tell you that they lied. It does rain and when it rains, it pours! December 2021 was the 3rd wettest December on record in 11 years! Unfortunately, LA was also experiencing peak COVID cases, so I was on a mission to stay dry and avoid getting sick. The struggle was real, but I was determined to make the best of my trip!

Things To Do:

Sunset Ranch Hollywood – I had the pleasure of going horseback riding at Sunset Ranch Hollywood. I booked the Mount Hollywood Day Tour which is 2 hours long. Fortunately, it was a beautiful afternoon with no rain. I rode to the top of Mount Hollywood for 360° views of LA, including the Hollywood Sign, the ocean and valleys. It was amazing! I love horses and riding has become of passion of mine. It truly feels therapeutic. I was actually inspired to go horseback riding after reading the book The Compton Cowboys which broadened my perception of cowboys and Compton's young Black residents. While I was riding, I passed by a Black family walking on the trail. They gave me a friendly nod. I heard the kids ask their parents, “Can we go horseback riding?!” It was heartwarming to hear. Representation matters and I hope those kids get to go horseback riding one day.

California African American Museum – Speaking of representation, the California African American Museum (CAAM) holds it down! This museum is located in Exposition Park and focuses on the education, on the cultural heritage and history of African Americans, specifically in California and western United States. Admission is free to all visitors! During my visit, I got to view two beautiful exhibitions called Rights and Rituals: The Making of African American Debutante Culture and April Bey: Atlantica, The Gilda Region. If you enjoy art and history, the CAAM is a must-see!

Los Angeles Lakers Game – I've always wanted to see the Lakers play at the Staples Center (now known as Arena) and I've always wanted to watch a game in an executive suite, so while I was in LA I decided to treat myself! I loved the executive suite experience! Suite guests have access to VIP entrances, so I didn't have to wait in any lines. The suites are professionally cleaned and sealed. They're also only accessible to guests by scanning a QR code from your phone. You can order food and drinks to the suite. It was so much fun and the Lakers won! This is an experience I'd definitely recommend and definitely do again!

Safety Tips:

Walking in LA – While walking in LA look left, right, left and then right again when crossing streets. I know this might sound redundant, but I'm sharing this for your own safety. I watch and follow KTLA and unfortunately, some drivers roll stop signs and run red lights resulting in hit-and-runs/pedestrian injuries and deaths.


Shoutout to The Gardens of Taxco Mexican Restaurant ! I recommend this restaurant for tasty Mexican food in West Hollywood. I decided to walk to this restaurant and almost missed it, but I saw a line-up in front of a storefront and immediately knew this was the place. It's a hidden gem that has great reviews and they gave me free desert! Gracias!"

To read more of my West Hollywood/Los Angeles review, please checkout and join !

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